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Alindahaw Lakeview Resort, Zamboanga Sibugay

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I know, this blog is supposedly dedicate to the places in Zamboanga City but there's this very special place I want to share with the public. I'm a little bit busy for now so I can't really finish this post yet. For the mean time, I'll give you a sneak peek of the place. I will always update this post so keep in touch.

Click the images for a larger view.

The Entrance

The view 
This is what we always saw there everytime we wake up and before we sleep.

Our hotel :D

The Bean - Shaped swimming pool
This is located below our hotel room.

The other pools :D
This is located near the entrance.

Our rooms.
We rented two rooms, one for the boys and one for the girls.
I don't have an idea how the other rooms looked like.
Our rooms are on the upper most part of the hotel with two balconies (front and back) over-viewing the lake.

 The balcony at the back.

The balcony at the front.

You should bring your own food there, cooked or raw. You may use their kitchen for free if you want to cook. You may also ask them to cook for you but you have to pay them. Their restaurant is still under construction.



They already have a restaurant, zipline and a website! Checkout Their rates are highly affordable and there are new rooms constructed. Booking is slightly difficult since they dont have Online Reservation System but if you contact them, they reply to your inquiry within the day.

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  1. hi! my family is planning to visit this place .. do you have any idea how much is their room rates? :)

  2. around 3000 - 5000 depends on what room to rent po :)

  3. Nice! Where is this located?

  4. It's in Lakewood, Zamboanga del Sur.. near Pagadian :)

  5. Please give me some info on the the price of accommodations.. the over night stay of the hotel.. this is my number 09159622775.. thnaks

  6. do you any contact number of the resort because my family is planning to visit their tomorrow.thank you in advance.

  7. do you have their contact number? how about the food? how much does it usually cost?

  8. i will post the contact number as soon as i got it. you should bring your own food. you may bring raw food and cook it there for free or you may ask them to cook food for you for 1k/day

  9. im planing to visit this place anytym soon...
    :-) tnx, wonderful site keep up

  10. im still working out on the contact may search for it in google instead..hehe... thanks for dropping by everyone..

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  12. This is something amazing...especially it is within our you have any knowledge how much is their room rates? are there family packages or promos they are offering? I am looking forward of this magnificent place as an option for a family vacation...thanks...

  13. quite a nice place to visit and stay..thanks for sharing!
    Travel Snapshots

  14. Hi I want to know how much the room you rent overnight?

  15. I'm planning to have a reunion with my friends but the Room accomodation is too expensive :(

  16. hi..they have cheaper rates already please read my updated post (above) thanks!

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  18. Weee..saw this late. But if ever, yah, go on. Thanks for informing. :)

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