Thursday, April 21, 2011

Yubengco Star Mall

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Where to go? Try Yubengco Star Mall!

If you want to go for shopping, one place is quite good for you. Yubengco Star Mall is located at Maria Clara Lorenzo Lobregat Highway Zamboanga City. It has variety of stores with really cheap items. Come! Let's take a tour. :)

[above]Parking lot for motorcycles.

[above & below]The stalls

[above] one botique

[above] Pedricos pizza - yummy and cheap pizzas!

[above & below] Shawarma house

[above] the roof top
[above & below] Mang Inasal yubengco branch

Mang inasal is a local barbecue food chain, first of its kind in the Philippines. Right now, it is one of the largest food chain the archipelago. What's great about Mang Inasal is that, it focuses on local delicacies and tastes like barbecue (the ilocano way), sisig and sinigang (my fave!). They also have Pinoy - style spaghetti and burgers. Try their bangus sisig - super like!


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