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Yubengco Star Mall Supermarket: Grocery checkout is like a snail and a turtle in a race

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I've blogged about Yubengco Star Mall last time as a 'destination' in Zamboanga City (Click here to read that blog). Apparently, it was nice to just stroll outside but BUYING YOUR GROCERIES THERE IS TERRIBLE. Well, at least for me. I've been buying there because it's the nearest 'mall' to our house. Just recently, I've learned my lesson: TIME IS GOLD. Buying 6 items there would take you FOREVER to checkout, what more if you buy in bulk?

I did not like their service because of these:

1. Cashier ladies have these habits of in-between laziness.
If falling in line to checkout your goods is like riding a bus, getting into the destination took a lot of useless "stop-overs". What I mean is that there were lots of unnecessary actions that is cancerous to the operations. The cashier tends to regularly yawn reaalllyyy sllloooowww aaaannnddd lllooooonnnggg as if the long line of patiently waiting customers doesn't mean anything, as if she's just in her house - chillin'.

There were also lots of chikkas/chit-chats with other employees that would make you wait longer before your goods are checked-out.

2. The place is filled with unsure counters and unsure buyers.
Come to think of it, people, you are already at the counter, anything you bring there should be for checkout already. You don't do your shopping there! People who buy there tends to test-scan the items and if it exceeds their budget, they would recall it which is very time-consuming! Why not count and calculate the things you buy first before actually buying it? I know it's a customer's privilege but they are overdoing it. Or maybe I just got used to faster service? I dunno.

The cashier were just like "oh, yeah, sure, I'll wait for you to finalize the things you want to buy and make me your calculator. I don't mean customer service anyway, I don't want to help you choose anyway, I don't care anyway". Well, for me that's what it seems like.

3. Lack of sense of urgency.
They (cashier & customers) lack sense of urgency. The customers should be wise enough to realize the place is wasting their time. All of them are complaining but none of them, including me, is complaining to the cashier. Well, because when it was my turn, I tried to tell the cashier through my gestures that I am in a hurry and I don't want her to waste my time so, unlike the others, I checked-out really fast.

I don't know if it's a good thing or what but Zamboanguenos are really patient. It's nice but the tendency is that capitalists will exploit your patience. Because you are patient, they will not give effort to train their employees to give you the service that you deserve with all these overpriced items. Because of your patience they will not care to act immediately on the black-out issues.

Patience - It's a good thing but too much of anything is bad.

I did not say you have to go nuts, yelling on the cashier because you're in a hurry or what. You can say it properly or give them the impression that you deserve a faster service.

4. There were lots of goods that you could buy here but, no thanks, 1 hour for checkout? No thanks.

5. The cashier is slow in counting money. They should be trained.

I know this is a rant. I was just, URGH! You know, I never thought buying 6 items would take me forever. Let me know if I've been wrong, right, rude, nice. After all, we still have our online democracy.

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